celebration 2Celebration!

Nathan got the Job!

We celebrated last night with Champagne! Nathan has officially accepted a position as an English Teacher at a rural Alaskan school in Napaskiak. Before the whirlwind of planning and moving our entire lives 4,000 miles from our Philly suburban home, I decided that we needed to properly celebrate with champagne of course! It is a little ironic perhaps, that this is a staple for me when it comes to celebration, as the town we will be moving to is completely dry. Even having alcohol in our home there would be enough to send us to jail, or a big fine, so I have been informed. But for now- we drink to success!

I hope to document our travels and adventures here for friends and family- and someday for myself and my children. My father and grandmother both insisted that I keep a log. They are pretty smart people, so I am listening 🙂

More will be posted as we go, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Celebration!

  1. Thanks for reading Keely! I had no idea a year ago we would be doing this, so you have plenty of time to plan everything! I hope you find my blog helpful. Keep us updated on your plans- maybe we will see each other on the tundra!


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