Last Day at the Theatre

Last week was my final day at the theatre where I have worked as the Assistant Stage Manager for the past two years. Act II Playhouse in Ambler, PA has been more than just a place that I went to work- it was like my home. I sure spent enough hours there! (They have the most comfortable couch I have ever slept on!)

I came in to meet up with my boss and sign the mural for our last show; Man of LaMancha. The cast and crew of each production create a picture for the walls backstage as a little memorial for the production.

The La Mancha Wall art: "The Highway to Glory/ The Road to El Taboso"

The La Mancha Wall art: “The Highway to Glory/ The Road to El Taboso”

Everything in theatre is so ephemeral and fleeting that it is nice to have a lasting memory physically there.

At my first (and last!) staff meeting I’ve ever attended yesterday they had cake and cards and I was very suprised!

"Liz, Thanks for Being Awesome, We Will Miss You! <3 the Act II Family"

“Liz, Thanks for Being Awesome, We Will Miss You! ❤ the Act II Family"

The cake was an amazing fruit covered one, and reminded me of some of my very favorite tarts and such that I would salivate over in Paris. I was surrounded by some of the most generous and wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and I will really miss every day of work at the theatre. Hopefully after a few years my husband and I will have saved up enough money to return to the Philly area, so this is not a goodbye, just a 'see you later'.

And please, if you have a second, jump on over to Act II’s Website, or their blog here on WordPress!. Check out a show if you are near Philly, or send a donation to support the arts! The easiest way to give is with Amazon Smile! I do this myself and it is super easy. If you buy things online just start at Amazon Smile and choose Act II Playhouse as the nonprofit you would like to support. A percentage of your purchases goes directly to the theatre! Now how easy is that?

This company does such amazing work with a limited budget; they know how to bring together great professionals with such vision that create works of art that stay with you long after you have left your seat. Thanks to everyone who has made my time there so memorable and wonderful!


One thought on “Last Day at the Theatre

  1. Liz,
    I will miss you greatly!! 😦 Thank you for all of your hard work, selfless dedication and endless joy that you brought to each production, and to life. Be safe and remember to send salmon.

    I love you,



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