Last day at Sears

I have been working at Sears as an appliance sales associate for almost two years now. It was a great flexible part time job with great earning potential because it was a 100% commission structure.

Tuesday was my last day before moving to Alaska, as we are packing up the Uhaul tomorrow morning and heading up to Central New York to my parents house. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of thanks, gifts, baked goods and goodbyes. It really goes to show that you can really make an impression even if you are only one person.


Three Amazing Cakes from Jeanette!

It has only been a few days since then, but I keep finding myself telling stories from work. I even had to go into the small appliance store on Main Street here in Camden to satisfy my curiosity. It hasn’t really sank in yet that I am officially done with work for at least the next nine months or so, and I must work for myself now! But first- Vacation!

I am really going to miss everyone!


Goodbye Dinner at Applebees

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