Moving Day!

Thank goodness I had a head start on packing, and that my mother insisted on coming down to help pack and drive a car for us. When we moved to our apartment back in November, I really thought that we would be staying in this adorable two bedroom. It was almost perfect, and we had a heck of a time moving all of the books we owned from our previous apartment. This was supposed to be it. So of course I have been accumulating more and more stuff: furniture, small kitchen appliances, craft items, and of course home decorations. Now having to choose what is really important enough to pay to ship all the way to Alaska, and what I could live without was a challenge.

Logically speaking I could have just pared down to things we had before we moved, but I simply couldn’t part with some things- I mean my immersion blender may be new but it has mad cooking certain things so much easier! Into the shipping box it goes!

Speaking of shipping boxes, we mailed a total of 2 uhaul dishsaver boxes, 1 uhaul large cardboard box, 1 poster tube, 1 TV box (the most expensive to send), 6 27gal plastic shipping totes and 5 18gal Rubbermaid roughneck totes. Overall it cost just about a thousand dollars. That is insane. For the basics for two people. I keep hearing about people who think it would be great and inexpensive to UST move up to Alaska and live off the land as a cheap alternative to living in the lower 48. I guess if you are just taking a suitcase then sure its cheaper, but then you have to have a job and all the essentials and a way to avoid dying of exposure. This move is taking a lot of time, money and planning. Thankfully we have a great school district that helps with a signing bonus, and a really great air miles credit card with Alaska Airlines.

All of the rest of our stuff that we haven’t shipped had to be donated, thrown away or packed into a uhaul and put into storage. We are storing everything in my grandmothers barn and my parents house. They will also be taking care of our cars while we are gone. I had hoped that we would be able to pack everything into the truck and drive all the way to central new York (5 hours away) in one day. That turned out to be really optimistic. We did get everything packed (use a hand truck or dolly when moving!) And made it to Clark’s Summit PA. Booking a room via hotwire was the best idea at that point; we were tired and sore from all the moving we had done. After a good nights sleep we were back on the road to CNY!


Goodbye empty apartment!!

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