Planes and Powerstrips


Officially on our way!

Today is the day! We left Camden New York this morning at 9:30 to truly begin our adventure. We got to stop at one of my favorite local diners called Flo’s. It is known as the home of the 10¢ coffee, and features all of your favorite traditional diner fare. I think that is what I am going to miss the most outside of family; really good (and cheap!) diner food.

We have left the land of cheap anything for sure. I joked with Nathan that when we come back airport prices are going to look good to us!

I brought a power strip in my luggage after reading some tips for travel online, and it is truly a lifesaver. You would think that large airports like Chicago would have more plugs, but they are rare. I’m sitting now under a bank of pay phones at the sole plug in my area. It is placed far from the seating area of course.


Does anyone use payphones anymore?

This has proved beneficial in more ways than one though. I am meeting people and hearing their stories as they share the plugs. In particular, a family of 10 all headed to vacation in Italy just unplugged to go board their flight.


Extra plugs at the airport!

Our flight path for the day takes us from Syracuse to Chicago to Seattle, and finally to Anchorage, arriving at 1:29am: more than 16 hours after our first boarding. Our longest layover is here in Chicago for more than 6 hours. Thankfully the weather looks good across the country despite some thunderstorms early this morning in Central New York. Hopefully everything stays on track!

For now I’m going to go in search of some good coffee!

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