Charter Flights

The huge pile of luggage we had to transport downriver!

The huge pile of luggage we had to transport downriver!

To travel from Bethel to Napaskiak after the orientation days our school principal chartered two separate planes for our group of five because we had so much luggage. I saw the manifest at one point, and in addition to the five of us we had 515lbs of luggage. Mind you, this was because we had been shopping and Nathan and I still hadn’t been out to the village yet, so we had all of our large luggage we had carried with us on the commercial flights.

The first group of three teachers and a miniature schnauzer dog got onto the small four seat plane at about 5:50pm.

Such a tiny plane!

Such a tiny plane!

We watched with anticipation as they took off down the runway and disappeared into the sky. I was surprised at how quickly the plane lifted off the ground and was gone!

We were supposed to be right behind them in a six seat plane with all the luggage. However, the airline had been running really far behind that day because of all the fog in the mornings. Come to find out, after speaking with the girl in the Charter room, this time of year is notorious for being behind schedule. They simply don’t fly when it is foggy or the weather is bad because safety of the pilots, passengers and planes must come first. So we sat down and watched other flights take off and land for about another hour and a half until we would get news that we had a plane.

During that time, we might have gotten a little silly…




After the principal came by the airport to see if we were still there, they did some digging to see if they could find us a plane any sooner. About half and hour later they had confirmation that a plane the size we needed was coming back in; We actually jumped up and down and cheered- Nathan, myself, and the girl in the Charter Department who would finally get to go home too! The airport workers grabbed all of our luggage that had already been weighed and tagged to put onto a pallet to bring out when the plane parked.

The view of our plan from inside the airport building

Loading our luggage inside!

Holding the door open for us to get inside the tiny six seat plane!

The flight itself was only five minutes. Our pilot told us that it is the only flight they fly that doesn’t have an interim period- it is simply taking off and landing procedures. I have posted the video I took of the flight on my facebook page, and it really was that short- in fact it has taken longer to upload the video than it took to fly here!

I was so excited to finally make it to our village after such a long journey… More posts later to explore what we have found here!


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