Power and Water

Going to the Principal's House to get more Drinking Water!

Going to the Principal’s House to get more Drinking Water!

One of the exciting things we are learning about living in the Bush is to be flexible and ready for anything. It seems that power and water are not always reliable things, but no one freaks out about it. When we look around, the teachers are the only ones in our village that have running water piped in anyway, so it surely isn’t the end of the world when it stops working. I will be the first to gripe about missing out on showering though- at least the villagers have steams where they can really get clean. Today is day two without running water, and we have had a couple of power outages as well, but thankfully they only last a couple minutes at a time, as the school and teacher housing run off of some large generators.

Luckily, when we moved into our apartment, the previous tenants left behind two gallons of purified drinking water in the storage room so we have some backup water. We were also invited over to the principal’s house to borrow some of the water that he has delivered in bulk tanks.


We joked yesterday with the principal that they did this on purpose and it was all a part of a large conspiracy to get us here. My one deal breaker for moving to the bush was that I needed running water in my house. Not all of the placements have that luxury, and I knew myself well enough to know that I wasn’t up for roughing it that much. Everyone laughed as we complained that they lied to us and took the water away right after we got here!

Our housing is on the same line as the school too, so they are without water as well. Normally in the lower 48 this would cause a school closing, but not here. They had a meeting this morning about procedures, and had large barrels of water with pitchers put in all the bathrooms. They were really prepared it seems and I can’t imagine that this is the first time this has happened.

According to what the principal has told us the water system broke because a wire arced during one of the power fluxuations and is now fused to something else and essentially broken. They will have to replace all the wiring in the system to fix it. There is an easy fix that they will do first, but the only problem is getting the parts in, and nobody knows exactly how long that will take. Once they do get the parts though I’m told it is an easy fix.


In the meantime, we have gotten some 18gallon totes delivered by the school that will be filled with water daily for washing and flushing and such. We will also still be getting drinking water at the principal’s house. Everyone has been very apologetic and good about everything, so it is hard to be mad about it. We looked at this as an adventure, and that is surely what we are getting!


Until then I will be patient, but I can’t wait for that glorious shower!

3 thoughts on “Power and Water

  1. I keep two totes full of water always in the bathroom. It’s not ideal, they take up a lot of space, but when the water goes out, they give me great peace of mind. The power going out is also annoying! After our first year, we bought some good flash lights and a large battery operated lantern so the kids and I can still play, even if it’s dark out and the power’s off.

    Not being able to shower for days on end is the WORST! Same with doing dishes by warming pot after pot of water. We were without for four days once and I had had about enough after that!


    • Thankfully we have a large entrance way in our shared teacher housing complex, so we can put ours out there. They started out in my living room which was not working at all! But they are so welcome once the water is out! Thanks for reading!


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