Down by the Kuskokwim River

We had our first little flurry of snow just the other day. It was exciting, but I was not ready at all for it. I haven’t even posted all of my pictures from the end of the summer here yet! So, on this frosty cold morning, let’s take a journey back to when I didn’t have to bundle up just to step outside. I took several walks down by the Kuskokwim River that our village lies on. Let’s let the pictures speak for themselves:

The boardwalk leading to the sandbar.

The boardwalk leading to the sandbar.



A barge on the other side of the river.

A barge on the other side of the river.

The barge was carrying heating fuel down the river to the different villages along the way. It stopped here for about two days, and from our apartment we could hear the hum of the motors day and night. When someone wanted to get some fuel, they would send a little boat across the river and pump it into a tank for them. I took Sammy and another dog down there for a walk, and we all looked at each other across the expanse of water, and I waved taking pictures.

One thing I have learned, living here in the village is to appreciate the small things. Something new, like the barge, is exciting and gives a little flavor to the daily experience. It’s such a change from the big city way of living we had back in Philly, but having grown up in a small town, this feels familiar and comforting to me.





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2 thoughts on “Down by the Kuskokwim River

  1. Philly hunh… I lived there for over 40 years before “finding” Alaska. Now I live in Northern Alask near Livengood, and I too understand having a break in everyday life like when someone visits from town.


    • It’s always surprising to me how many people I have met from the East Coast that now call Alaska home! We love it here, and are always excited to meet others who know what it is like to pack up and move 4,000 miles away from home.


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