Sailor Boy Pilot Bread

Pilot Bread Box
Before we arrived in the bush we were told of the wonders of Pilot Bread. We had never heard of such a thing before, but were assured that we would grow to love the twice baked bread in the long blue box. In fact, a lot of people here are really obsessed with the Pilot Bread and insist that it is “Alaska’s Soul Food.” In our first two weeks here, while we were waiting for our groceries to arrive from Anchorage, we ventured to the village store. Discovering how expensive regular bread was, and not having the ingredients to make our own yet, we bought a box of pilot bread, figuring we would give it a try.

Now, Pilot Bread is not exactly ‘bread’ per say. It is similar to the Hardtack that sailors would have eaten. A large white bread-like cracker. Sounds boring and rather tasteless right? Well, to be honest, you wouldn’t really want to eat it by itself. Unlike say, saltine crackers, it doesn’t have any salt or flavorings, so instead of a stand-alone, it makes a good base for other foods.

Peanut butter on Pilot Bread is a great and filling snack. The students at school have them every day, and can’t wait for their cracker. Toast the cracker for a little extra flavor before adding any topping you like! The first week of here I had some with Nutella, and it was to die for! You could also try tuna or jam. (Not at the same time of course!)

When we were feeling really creative, my husband and I made mini pizzas on Pilot Bread. It was a really great lunch.


Nathan Approves of Pilot Pizzas!

Nathan Approves of Pilot Pizzas!



If living in the bush has taught me anything, it’s that you get creative with food and use what you have!

And Sammy loves peanut butter on Pilot Bread too! It’s a great reward for her, and she gobbles it right up!

Sammy Loves Peanut Butter and Pilot Bread!

Sammy Loves Peanut Butter and Pilot Bread!

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