Snowy October


It’s October in rural Alaska, and that traditionally means that the snowflakes are going to start flying. Our first real snow, where any stuck on the ground was the 12th. The temperatures had been cold enough for the river to start freezing earlier that week, but no precipitation had fallen for more than about 15 minutes. It was exciting to wake up to a winter wonderland. I am a strong believer that everything looks prettier when it is covered in a layer of fresh fluffy snow. White is so pristine and pure, and it is even better to be sitting inside a warm house with a cup of hot tea looking out.


It was exciting to take the puppy out into the snow. She was chasing flakes, rolling around, and eating snow off the ground. This is her first winter and it’s exciting to see her discover snow.


Snow always brings me back to my childhood in Central New York. We would have such great lake effect snow every winter, and not having a white Christmas was simply unheard of. It wasn’t until just a year or two ago that I had my first Christmas without snow, and I was really sad. It just doesn’t feel like the holidays without it.

That all being said, it does feel a little weird to have snow this early. My brain jumps forward to Christmastime thoughts, and we haven’t even had Halloween yet. Maybe all those corporations who put out Christmas decorations in their stores just happened to all be from Alaska!

And here are some photos from this past Sunday the 19th of October. We woke up to everything being covered in a beautiful frost. It makes everything sparkle and shine, and photos can’t really do it justice.



The boardwalks are all getting really slippery too now that the frost seems to be a constant. I don’t want to put on my heavy boots just yet, so I’ve been slipping my way over to the school and post office if I wear my cowboy boots… however now that the snow seems to be here to stay (along with some lovely freezing fog in the mornings) I should probably get out those boots if I want to avoid breaking something!

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