Milestones and Stumbling Blocks (NaNo Week Two)

Nano Progress Week 2

I entered NaNoWriMo with an indomitable spirit; sure that I was stronger than the masses of people who complained about how they got tired and how the pressure to write would effect their lives. After all, I am a pretty level headed person, and I have a lot of time on my hands right? Well, the second week of NaNo was full of ups and a few pretty dramatic downs for me. I worked a full week subbing, and hit a few walls in my writing marathon. Let’s review:

Total Word count: 30,703 (as of Saturday Morning)

Successes this week:
Starting with the positives! I’m over halfway- both for the Nano goal of 50K and my personal goal of 60K. I think it’s going to take more than that to finish, but I’m happy with my progress thus far.

I am consistently writing. Even on days where I want to do anything but, I’ve sat down and worked. I think I’m a little bit harder on myself than some NaNo participants because I absolutely refuse to write garbage for the sake of a word count. If I know it is going to absolutely be edited out, I’m not going to write it in the first place. So actually getting words down that I’m okay with each day is a big deal. I’m not saying any of it is perfect (No one is that good!) but I know what I’m writing progresses or adds to the story.

I’m happy with how things are going. I’ve gotten past the exposition this week, and my rising action is working. Next week I’m going to be getting into some of the real meaty stuff, including a bunch of new characters we have been waiting to meet, so I’m still excited and positive. The story is still working- which I attribute to my extensive planning and outlining. I don’t have to think about where I’m going because I’ve already done that. I can simply immerse myself in Mae’s world and focus on writing well.

Struggles this week:
From the previous paragraph you might think that it has been a smooth journey this week, but that is not the truth of it. I am using a really great app called Writeometer on my phone to track my writing progress and I love that I can add comments to each separate writing session. There were quite a few this week where I had some wonderful comments, such as:

“Aggggg!” (Nov. 9th 9:59 PM)

“Ugh. Today it is like pulling teeth to write. Just not feeling it.” (Nov. 11th 8:35 PM)

“Arrrrrrgh. Done for tonight. Blagh” (Nov. 11th 10:57 PM)

November 11th was hard. I didn’t start writing until much later in the day, and I’ve found that I don’t work as well late at night… at least when it comes to writing, which is interesting because I’ve always considered myself a night owl. Maybe moving to the Tundra where the sun sets at 5pm is starting to really effect me!

This week I also faced the struggle to keep up with my regular life duties in addition to work and writing. My husband and I had a tense moment over something (probably dishes or ironing… two things I have been avoiding) and he showed me amazing grace. I was snappy and just stressed. Later we talked it out and he told me he almost said “Talk to me after November is over”. Looking at how I was behaving- I don’t blame him. It was a rough couple of days there.

Inspirations and Surprises:
The past couple of days I have turned around my attitude. I’m actively choosing to be happy and positive- something I like to practice in my life anyway, and quite frankly it is a great thing during this process. I surprised myself how much more I could get done when I was happy. Something as simple as putting a smile on my face could get me excited about what I was writing, even when it was difficult.


In terms of Inspiration and happiness, I downloaded the new Taylor Swift Album, 1989 on Friday. I’m in love with it and it is so much fun. As long as I keep the volume low I can write with it on. The upbeat vibe and sound are a great backdrop- even when I’m writing stuff that isn’t exactly uplifting.

Thanks for checking in with me! How is your NaNo Journey coming? What struggles or surprises did you face in the second week? Let’s continue the conversation below!


2 thoughts on “Milestones and Stumbling Blocks (NaNo Week Two)

    • Thanks! It isn’t always easy to sit down and write each day, but it is rewarding seeing the results. I’ve gotten behind on my Alaska blogging during the process, but I think I’m okay with that- I will just play catch up with my topics over Christmas break.

      I really do recommend it to anyone who wants to write more consistently- even if they don’t want to try for the goal of 50K.


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