Fights and the Finish Line (NaNo Week Four)

Nano Progress Week 4

The final week of NaNo… The fights were literary AND real. I attacked my first fight scene in the novel with some trepidation. I also had to fight to sit down each day and write. As much as I love my story (still!) it is difficult to tune everything else out and get over that initial hurdle to write. There are officially two days left in the month and contest, but I am proud to report that this week, I crossed the imaginary finish line! I have a stretch goal of 60K for myself, but I made it to the NaNo winner’s circle, and it was a nice little boost, despite how far my story still has to go.

Total Word count: 56,878 (as of Saturday Morning)

Successes this week: 
– I hit 50K!
– I managed to keep writing despite hitting 50K. This one was harder than I thought. It was exciting to reach the winners page and watch the fun cheering video, but then I stopped writing that night, short of my daily goal. I came back though and wrote a lot on the next day.
– My fight scene isn’t awful. It was weird to write, but I think I was psyching myself out too much beforehand. I took the time to outline it step by step on some scrap notes and was then able to just sit and write, having already thought of the necessary hits, injuries, etc.

Struggles this week:
– Sitting down to write after thanksgiving. I had planned on possibly writing something that day, because I wasn’t sure how long dinner and socializing would be here. This is our first year in Bush Alaska, and we celebrated with other teachers. Dinner was fantastic and the company was even better- we didn’t go to sleep until after midnight. Because of that, I slept late and as I have been normally taking mornings to write, I was thrown off. Habits are good, but sometimes they inhibit you as well.
– Writing when my husband is home is harder for me. I love to spend time with him, but he distracts me! Perhaps that was why writing in the mornings when he was at school was so much easier.

Inspirations and Surprises:
While on the forums this week I was connecting with others who have hit 50K and are still writing… now I big conflict a lot of people seem to have is the whole quality vs. quantity debate. I however, felt that while I was writing a lot, and staying above the daily goals, was not writing crap. I don’t see the point- If what I write is bad, why write it in the first place. Now, I know it isn’t perfect, but it is the best I can produce the first time around, and I think it is good. So when I came across this ‘Overachiever’ Pep Talk by Catherynne Valente I was stoked. This is what I needed. She says:

“You can be good and fast at the same time.

Though it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself, it is also important to know that quality and speed have absolutely nothing to do with one another. You can write something heart-catchingly brilliant in 30 days. You can do it in 10. There is no reason on this green earth not to try for glory. You’re going to spend these 30 days at the computer anyway. You might as well be mindful while you’re there.”


-Also for the week, I really forgot how much I love Twitter. The sprints motivate me, and I also love the wealth of information that some of the editors and publishers out there share. It keeps that long term goal in my mind, and jumpstarts me to writing, and finishing my draft!

-Weird confession… I have been looking up agents who would be good to submit to (a loooong time from now when my novel is shiny and polished and the best it can be) when I am feeling down. I did something similar to this when I worked in theatre, where I would apply for the next freelance job and it made me feel better. I don’t know what it is about it, but I now have added a couple of their headshots to my (secret) Pintrest board for my book. It sounds a little creepy when I say it like that…

Anyway, thanks for checking in with me! How is your NaNo Journey coming? What struggles or surprises did you face in the fourth week? Did you enter the winner’s circle?? Let’s continue the conversation below!

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