Alaskan Window Garden


For my birthday this year, I decided that I was going to get some planters and seeds and start a window garden. My downstairs neighbors have had some good luck with plants in the windows, so even though we only have about 6 hours of sunlight, the days are getting longer and I have some amazing south facing windows that will allow the plants to soak up every minute of the precious Alaskan sun.

The ground in Napaskiak isn’t practical for an outdoor garden, and it’s much too cold most of the time, but there are successful greenhouses I’ve read about in Bethel and other places, so I’m hoping that my window garden works well too.

I was babysitting today so I had some wonderful help in filling the planters with potting soil and then planting a variety of seeds. I also used an old butter tub that I cleaned out to plant some of the free flower seeds that I was sent with my vegetables.


If everything goes well, in about 60-75 days I should have some great young vegetables and flowers. I planted Chives, Spinach, Radishes and some tiny peppers. It would be wonderful to have something growing and green, as well as an alternative to canned or frozen vegetables. Shopping in Bethel for fresh produce is just too painful on the pocketbook, so in the end if I get vegetables it will be worth it, and maybe I will expand to some other things!

Let’s all pray now that my thumb is green and not brown!

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