New Store!


The New Store. It’s so much bigger than the old one.

This past week was extremely exciting here in the village. Our new store celebrated it’s grand opening, and I was positively giddy. I’m sure it’s my ‘small town’ showing, but I couldn’t wait to set foot in the new building and do some shopping. The store is bigger, brighter, and full of so many amazing things that we couldn’t get in town before. Prices are still really high, but it’s nice t know that if I really need something I don’t have to wait a few weeks for Amazon to deliver it.

old store

The old store

Oh- and I had eggs for the first time since being in Anchorage back in September. I have been using powdered eggs for baking, but they are no good to eat by themselves. I can’t tell you how great it was to see that cooler stocked full!


The whole aisle of candy and snacks was my favorite!


Fully stocked and beautiful!

The new store is further away from our house now, but the longer walk is totally worth it.


Nathan overwhelmed by all the choices for jam!

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