Shasta Taiko Japanese Drum Group


Shasta Tyco at the school in Napaskiak

If life in the Bush has taught me anything, it is to be flexible and spontaneous. Nathan came home for lunch on Monday and told me about a really great Japanese drumming group that had preformed at Cama-i (an annual dance festival in Bethel- read more about it Here) and that they had just given a performance at the school. They were going to have a second show in less than an hour, and he thought I should go.


I wasn’t dressed, and neither was the baby, but I didn’t hesitate, and I’m glad for it. The performance was amazing. It was really cool to see a family rediscovering their cultural heritage, and having do much fun at the same time.


It was more than just drumming. Each song has a cultural significance and story behind it that they shared. And they moved like they were dancing or fighting.

The kids favorite had to be the lion song. We were told that if you were bit by a lion you would have good luck for the rest of your life. The kids went crazy and stood up, ask hoping to be bit!


The lion in the audience


The lion dancing

Baby boy liked the drums too. Since people were worried that it might be too loud, but he was happy, and not scared at all. He even feel asleep half way through the performance and slept soundly in his carrier. Hooray for baby wearing!

I love to see people across cultures sharing their heritage. It reminds you just how vast the world is, and that even though people are different, you can learn from them, and maybe even find something in common. We all have the same ancestral roots after all.

If you are interested in learning more about the Shasta Taiko group, you can check out their website Here!

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