Holidays are Here!

The holiday break has officially begun! Last night was the school Christmas pageant. Emmett enjoyed the singing and clapped at (mostly) the right places. His favorite part was probably the lollipop and orange he got from Tribal though. 

He sat on santa’s lap and didn’t cry at all which is an improvement over last year. He seemed fascinated with him and would t look at the camera. I count it as a win though- the picture is super cute. 
Our charter flight out of the village is scheduled to leave in 45 minutes so we are all now just playing the waiting game. The airline calls when the charter is on its way and we all bundle up and head down to the airport. 

As much as I say I want to travel light I have a bunch of things Emmett has outgrown and other clothes I never wear that I’m taking to put in storage. Alas, maybe next trip. I do plan on not bringing much back other than select Christmas gifts and food. We’ll see how that goes. 

I am vey excited about our flights this time though because we don’t have any layovers over 4 hours either way! This has never happened to us before and I’m super thankful. That means no hotel and no overnight which means saved money. And that always makes me happy! 

Can’t wait until we touch down on the East Coast!